Best universities in economics

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA 5.75
2 Harvard U USA 5.56
3 Yale U USA 4.99
4 Princeton U USA 4.76
5 U Chicago USA 4.64
6 U Toulouse I (Sciences Sociales) France 3.87
7 U California – Berkeley USA 3.77
8 Northwestern U USA 3.73
9 New York U (NYU) USA 3.66
10 London School of Economics UK 3.57
11 U Pennsylvania USA 3.51
12 U California – San Diego USA 3.25
13 U California – Los Angeles USA 3.19
14 Stanford U USA 3.12
15 Boston U USA 3.08
16 U Wisconsin – Madison USA 3.07
17 U Rochester USA 3.03
18 U Texas – Austin USA 3.01
19 Columbia U USA 2.93
20 Brown U USA 2.85

Source: Productivity ranking from The ranking is based on the average number of equivalent papers published by a department’s top 15 authors.

Economics in Toulouse is now taught (in English) in the Toulouse School of Economics, research takes place in the excellent Institut D’Economie Industrielle.


17 thoughts on “Best universities in economics

  1. Frankly, I’m a little surprised that Stanford is number 14 and London School of Economics at 10. I would have figured these two schools would have been ranked higher on the list.

  2. I disagree with the rankings becuz i tink University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) is the best school for finanace and economics and University of Berkeley closely follows. What are the rankings based on? Peer assesment or Overall experience?

  3. lol no offense but a french uni comin high in best economics iunis? not bein races but u ever been 2 france???? im an english french student and let me tell you most of the people i have met dont give a fuck about money do you know how long their weeks r ????

  4. does anyone know if the international and development econ program at university of san francisco is any good?

  5. cud someone pls tell me the best schools for international finance & economics or financial economics, and how come its only london school of economics thats on d list from d UK,i expected to see more schools on d list

  6. The criterion of ranking of the universities is said to be based on the number of papers published by a department’s top 15 authors. I am wondering whether this is an appropriate way of ranking a university in the fields of social sciences.

  7. I think this is a little bias. How come most of all on the list are colleges from US? Because of the publsher’s nationality, huh?

  8. Well, many people acknowledge that LSE is the best in the world in economics.

    Rankings generally don’t mean anything. If you look at QS World Rankings you can see that a Swiss university is ranked higher than UC Berkeley.

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