Gorillas murdered


The BBC reports from Congo’s Virunga National Park,

Conservationists have expressed concern over the “senseless and tragic” killing of four mountain gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The bodies of three females and one male were discovered by rangers earlier this week in the Virunga National Park.

Officials said the “executions” were not the work of poachers because they would have taken the bodies.[…]

Because poachers would have sold the bodies as food or trophies, conservationists think the apes were killed by a group that was trying to scare wardens out of the park.

Similar killings of mountain gorillas took place in Rwanda to get back at the late Dian Fossey, of Gorillas in the Mist fame. She was widely hated in the local community because of her outspoken racism and violence against local people. It makes one wonder if community relations in the Virunga National Park are as good as they should be. And do the benefits to the local population of Virunga National Park outweigh the opportunity costs of the park?

Update: National Geographic reports that “Virtually all the charcoal supplied to nearby Goma—worth an estimated U.S. $30 million a year—is made from wood harvested illegally inside Virunga National Park”.


6 thoughts on “Gorillas murdered

  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am irate and sad at the same time about the murder of the four Mountain Gorillas in Virunga National Park. I want to know if any of USA’s charcoal companies were involved and if any of them are, I will quit buying charcoal from them and so will my parents.

  2. I am crying right now. This is horrible. I read the article in Newsweek and i couldnt believe it. I mean all they talked about was what happened. Is anything being done to stop this. We need to take action. This is so sad..one of them was pregnant too. I am so mad.

  3. I just got back from South Africa recently–didn’t see any gorillas, but definitely have a much greater appreciation for wildlife. I think this is appalling. Governements need to make this a much higher priority, or we’re going to lose all the beauty that nature provides us. The causes behind this senseless act need to be addressed.

  4. Like orangutans dying for a cookie, gorillas in the Congo are dying because people in Rwanda need charcoal to cook and heat. “The gorillas have become a hindrance for the charcoal trade,” said Emmanuel de Merode, director of WildlifeDirect.”There’s a very strong incentive for these people to kill the gorillas.”

  5. I am horrified stricken and devesated to see the pictures of the gorillas that have been slaughtered it sickens me that humans can do this I know they are no human they are inhuman

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