Is nuclear green?

Here is an article by Jesse Ausubel, Renewable and nuclear heresies (pdf),

Abstract: Renewables are not green. To reach the scale at which they would contribute importantly to meeting global energy demand, renewable sources of energy, such as wind, water and biomass, cause serious environmental harm. Measuring renewables in watts per square metre that each source could produce smashes these environmental idols. Nuclear energy is green.[…]

The article is discussed in New Scientist under the heading Renewable energy could ‘rape’ nature.


2 thoughts on “Is nuclear green?

  1. Mr.Ausubel’s study is a nice academic exercise pointing out some issues in future enegy use. It does shy away from practical considerations – such as public fear of nuclear and who will build and run the proposed gazillion power plants. For a much-needed real world view of nuclear power, see my novel “Rad Decision”, available at no cost at or in paperback. I’ve worked in the US nuclear industry over twenty years and portray the people, politics and technology of this energy source.

  2. nuclear energy is not green. nuclear plant needs to run 7 continues years to have same CO2 emission as coal thermal plant of same power output. Its because the high energy and resource consumption of plant building and mining, purification and enrichment of its fuel, and finally the storage of waste…

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