Strauss-Kahn for the IMF?

French President Nicholas Sarkozy wants Dominique Strauss-Kahn to be the next head of the International Monetary Fund. Since Strauss-Kahn is a prominent member of the opposition Socialist Party and a political rival, why would Sarkozy want advance his career?

First, he wants to promote, and be seen as promoting, French interests.

Second, Sarkozy will be continuing his strategy of reaching across the middle of French politics by appointing people from the left, thus occupying both the right and the center, and leaving little space for the Socialists.

Third, he will be removing a rival from the French political scene.

Fourth, he will weaken the pragmatic social-democratic wing of the Socialist Party, to which Strauss-Kahn belongs, and strengthen the conservative, uninspired and uninspiring wing of the party.

Of course, the idea that the head of the IMF should be a European, and the head of the World Bank should be an American, is totally absurd.


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