Gardening is good for you

Gardening is good for you; you are physically active without doing strenuous labor, you are outdoors, you work with beautiful plants, and you can clearly see the results of your work.

Here is an additional reason why gardening might be good for you: A bacterium that lives naturally in the soil, Mycobacterium vaccae, might alleviate clinical depression.

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One thought on “Gardening is good for you

  1. I’ve been lecturing on the personal benefits of gardening since 1992.

    My latest book, “Get Fit Through Gardening” (available March 2008) expands greatly on my original book, Fitness the Dynamic Gardening Way, (1992). I combine techniques from aerobics, weight-training and the martial arts to create something old yet entirely new — a lifelong, comprehensive fitness program based on gardening. With over 100 photographs, Get Fit Through Gardening explains in great detail how to reduce strain on your back, muscle soreness and even calluses on your hands. By lowering your center of gravity and harnessing the energy from your legs and torso versus the muscles of your lower back and arms, gardening becomes both more aerobic and more enjoyable.

    My advice is and has always been: gardening can be good for you but only if done correctly — and most don’t do it correctly (how they move their body) and use tools that were not ergonimically designed. A hoe or rake should have a handle that is 5 to 6 feet long — most are far shorter than that and cause the user to stoop over while using it.

    Check out two tools: the hearthoe from with a six foot handle and the Forged Handy Weeder by AM Leonard. These are the two best “Fitness Tools” you can buy. I have photos and will soon have videos on my website http://www.getfitthroughgardening.

    This is not how your father gardens. Now you garden to exercise and exercise to garden. Now we can be stewards of the planet and be stewards of our bodies at the same time. Get Fit Through Gardening — the most environmentally-friendly fitness program on the planet. Be lean, mean and green. It’s only the beginning!

    — Jeffrey Restuccio, Author. Come see me at Disney World Orlando FL April 11, 12 and 13 2008.

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