Nuclear power and global warming

Environment ministers from Austria, Iceland, Ireland and Norway said Monday that nuclear power was not the solution to global warming. In a joint statement following a meeting in Dublin, the four ministers from the non-nuclear countries said the “inherent risks and problems associated with the nuclear energy option remain and it can not therefore claim to be a clean alternative to fossil fuel use.”

They said it was the sovereign right of each country to decide its own energy mix.

“However, for Ireland, Iceland, Norway, and Austria, we voice serious concern that nuclear energy is being presented as a solution to climate change…

(From Yahoo News)

The Irish politician may be against nuclear power because Britain has nuclear power; the meeting called on Britain not to re-open the THORP reprocessing plant at its Sellafield site. Sellafield is located on the coast of the Irish Sea.

Both Norway and Iceland have ample hydroelectric power, Norway is one of the world’s leading oil producers, and Iceland also has geothermal energy.

It is easy to be politically correct when it doesn’t cost anything.


One thought on “Nuclear power and global warming

  1. I am no energy expert, but, don’t nuclear power plants require “thermal” energy for … whatever they do? And I thought that thermal energy comes from burning coal/oil/etc. Maybe these guys are right??!!

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