The Potsdam Initiative

It looks like we will get another large, politicized report on the environment. The “Potsdam Initiative” – as the conclusions on biodiversity reached by G8+5 environment ministers have been labeled – states that an international scientific panel modeled on the Stern Report or the IPCC Report is needed for biodiversity.

“Biodiversity, like climate change, must move beyond the realm of experts and environment ministers to the domain of economics and heads of state,” German environment minister Sigmar Gabriel said on Friday. He was speaking at a meeting of environment ministers from the G8+5 countries in Potsdam, organised by Germany as current president of the G8.

Ministers from the world’s eight leading industrialised countries and top five emerging economies – China, India, Mexico, Brazil and South Africa – agreed to initiate the development of a “Stern report” for biodiversity, similar to the influential report on the economics of climate change commissioned by the UK government…

Additional funding for biodiversity protection could come from auctioning allowances in the European emission trading scheme in future, suggested Mr Gabriel. He proposed that revenues from mandatory auctioning of at least 10 per cent of allowances from 2012 should flow in part to biodiversity protection in developing countries.

From ENDS Europe Daily (subscription necessary).


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