The downside of the boom in China

From Der Spiegel (via inkbluesky),

China’s Poison for the Planet

Can the environment withstand China’s growing economic might? As one of the planet’s worst polluters, Beijing’s ecological sins are creating problems on a global scale. Many countries are now feeling the consequences.

The cloud of dirt was hard to make out from the ground, but at an altitude of 10,000 meters (32,808 feet), the scientists could see the gigantic mass of ozone, dust and soot with the naked eye. In a specially outfitted aircraft taking off from Munich airport, they surveyed a brownish mixture stretching from Germany all the way to the Mediterranean Sea.

These kinds of clouds float above Europe for most of the year and they’ve traveled far to get there. By analyzing the makeup of particles in the cloud, European scientists were able to identify its origin. “There was a whole bunch from China in there,” says Andreas Stohl, a 38-year-old from the Norwegian Institute for Air Research.

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2 thoughts on “The downside of the boom in China

  1. Hi Lars – what can we do about this? Taking the moral high ground is obviously not effective. We can only work with China to encourage more sustainable practices, rather than chastising the country. The carbon exchange being set up in Beijing, which you mentioned in an earlier post, is one example of positive work.

    We shouldn’t be disheartened by the fact that emerging policies like this do not seem adequate. As we are seeing in the West right now, once people become aware of green issues it is quite feasible to replace existing policies with more ambitious ones.

    Dan –

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