Wolfowitz in the World Bank

After Paul Wolfowitz had become an embarrassment to the Bush administration, he was shunted over to the World Bank.

From Bloomberg,

Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) — World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz faces mounting criticism from directors of the international lending organization who say he relies on a coterie of political advisers with little expertise in development while driving away seasoned managers. Half of the bank’s 29 highest-level executives have departed since Wolfowitz, the former U.S. deputy Defense secretary and an architect of President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq, took office in June 2005…

Wolfowitz, 62, “has placed considerably more trust in a small group of outsiders from the Republican Party than in the seasoned experts in the bank,” said Alison Cave, head of the World Bank staff association, which represents more than 13,000 employees.

“The changes under Wolfowitz are unprecedented in the calculated manner in which inexperienced or ideological replacements are being placed in senior positions,” said Kapur, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia…

Wolfowitz is reverting to form. It’s déjà vu all over again.


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