Introducing PATVIQs


A PATVIQ is a Protected Area Tradable Visiting Quota. For more information, visit the PATVIQ Trading web site.

The first six month phase of this conservation finance project has now come to an end. The purpose was to develop a better understanding of conservation finance problems and to come up with practical solutions. What I have come up with is the PATVIQ. It is no magic bullet, but it could be useful.

The second phase will therefore be dedicated to the PATVIQ project. It will involve very little blogging.

Comments and suggestions are, of course, very welcome.


One thought on “Introducing PATVIQs

  1. Lars, I found this a fascinating concept when you shared it with me and am pleased to see it moving to a new stage of development. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on its utility for protected areas that are most vulnerable to degradation from excess visitation (eg. Galapagos, Namibia’s Vis River Canyon), as well as those where local people realize very few tangible benefits. I’d imagine that communities that rely on tourism will need to see an equivalent amount and distribution of benefits from PATVIQ to embrace it as an alternative.

    Best wishes,

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