Top 10 Democracies

The World in 2007, a publication from The Economist, publishes the 2007 Democracy Table.

To calculate the ranking, it uses five broad categories: free elections, civil liberties, functioning government, political participation and political culture. Here are the top 10,

  1. Sweden
  2. Iceland
  3. Netherlands
  4. Norway
  5. Denmark
  6. Finland
  7. Luxembourg
  8. Australia
  9. Canada
  10. Switzerland

USA ranks 17th, UK 23rd, and France 24th. Italy ranks 34th, and doesn’t make it into the “full democracies” category. The weakest point for the full democracies is political participation, with UK scoring 5 out of a possible 10 points for participation. U.S. scores 7.22 on political participation, but there has been an erosion of civil liberties and problems with the functioning of government.

In Asia, only Japan is classified as a “full democracy”. In Latin America, only Costa Rica and Uruguay.

13% of the world population live in the 28 countries that are “full democracies”.

The bottom 10 countries?

Guinea-Bissau, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Libya, Turkmenistan, Myanmar, Togo, Chad, Central Africa, and, at the very bottom, North Korea.


4 thoughts on “Top 10 Democracies

  1. It’s sad to see Canada so far down the list. I want us to shoot for getting into the top 3 within the next decade. :)

  2. Its nice to see that 7 out of the top 10 democracies are Monarchies. This proofs to Republicans that a Monarchy isn’t neccesarily ondemocratic.

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