The great revival of wildife in Europe

Trends in French forest area and population

The Times has a gloom and doom story about wildlife taking over depopulated fringes of Europe (hat tip Demography Matters). Actually, the story could just as well have been written as a success story about conservation and the great reversal of wildlife depopulation and deforestation. As can be seen on the graph above, this is not a recent trend e.g. in France. The same process is documented across countries in Returning forests analyzed with the forest identity, see yesterday’s post.

Bears at the dustbins, wolves in main street as Europe goes wild

WOLVES, wild boar and brown bears are moving west in Europe as nature takes hold of rural regions abandoned by people seeking work in the cities.Wildlife migration is shadowing human migration and, according to population experts, is set to transform the way we look at the Continent. Wild boar are already ransacking dustbins on the outskirts of Berlin and bears are startling schoolgirls in Austria.


One thought on “The great revival of wildife in Europe

  1. Welcome to the eastern US, where the same resurgent wildlife and forest cover story has played out since the 1950s. However, we have seen the forest cover trend plateau and actually decline in MA and CT in the last two decades, largely because we have lost most of our farms and there are fewer abandoned fields growing back to forests, while at the same time we are building on more land outside of village and town centers. Your graph seemed also to hit a plateau in forest cover, perhaps less so in the newly abandoned eastern fringe but perhaps overall. Is that what the data suggest?

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