Pay for the life of a whale

Whaling in Iceland, from BBC,

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) will auction “rights” to a whale’s life on the online site.

WSPA wants to raise $180,000 (£95,000), the value of meat from a fin whale; it then aims to pay this sum to hunters, and ask them to let one whale go.

At $180.000, I guess you can’t call it a cheap gimmick.

The WSPA doesn’t take the idea far enough.

The North Atlantic Salmon Foundation buys ITQs (Individual Transferable Quotas) for salmon from commercial fishermen. The wild salmon in Iceland, Norway and Scotland has greatly benefited from this scheme.

There is no reason why the same principles shouldn’t be used for the sustainable management of other species. Iceland should allow the WSPA to save whales by buying ITQs.


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