Should Stavros Dimas resign?

Or should he be fired? Stavros Dimas is the European Union Commissioner for Environment. He presided over the introduction of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). On his watch, billions of Euros worth of pollution rights were given away free of charge to coal-fired power plants, cements factories, and other highly polluting industries.

The EU ETS is the most important environmental initiative in Europe. It is not working. Either it is Stavros Dimas’ fault that it is not working, and he should be fired, or, if he doesn’t agree with what has been done to undermine the ETS (e.g. excessive grandfathering), he should resign. In any event, he shouldn’t stay.

If he stays, he may end up doing for the Barroso Commission what Edith Cresson did for the Santer Commission.


2 thoughts on “Should Stavros Dimas resign?

  1. How do you do ,

    something more sinister is the debate in EU about the ban of mercury and cadmium. This have so far been blocked in the EU parliament by some conservative groups. I doubt they understand the seriousness of such threats.

    I wonder if it´s possible that mercury´s confusion of the
    immune-systeme and some peoples inherited sensitivity to the mercury in
    tooth-fillings could affect people? In a study by some swedish
    researchers, done more frequently since the eighties, there seems to be
    correlation. I was myself a victim to Rheumatoid Artritis -82 and -86.
    read when being treated at the hospital in Lund, that many people
    became better then they started with high doses of(200-600 mcgr/day)
    Most became even more better when they carefully removed their
    tooth-fillingsand switched them to plastic ones. This is the conclusion
    of Mats
    Hanson, Mikael Nylander(an ex-researcher of the University of San
    Antonio, Texas) and Olle Redhe a dental material researcher. I have
    since I
    switched my fillings not been sick in Rheumatoid Artritis one single
    day. There are also conclusions that MS, allergy and other
    related deseases real cause, are mostly a mercury-related
    effect. Already now people who are over 30 and want children, should eat Selen every day to get a more sure result.

    Your precious work against mercury´s use in the industry all over the
    world and in the household such as thermometers, must go on. I am sure
    and I hope that your patient labor will give result. Mercury in the
    future will have to be treated with the same cautiousness as Plutonium.
    The difference is that mercury doesn´t go away after 10 000 years.
    you and good luck!

    Please read more beneath. There are also articles in English.

    Please contact Mr Hanson or Mr Nylander for more information

    Greetings from

    Håkan Liljeberg, Lund, Sweden

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