Ethanol, Crucifying America on a Cross of Corn!

Great rant on Impudent Domain, (with thanks to Organizations and Markets),

Conservatives are quick to accuse Left wingers of being unpatriotic or backing bad economic policies. Left wingers are quick to accuse Conservatives of being callus to the plight of the poor and backing restrictive policies on human rights. Libertarians and Greens blame everyone for everything.

But there is one group which has really done more than any other to; 1) Undermine America’s standing with the world 2) Place enormous burdens upon the taxpayer 3) place enormous burdens on consumers 4) facilitate the mass illegal migration and all it’s concomitant problems we are now facing. And, 5) cause misery in the poorest parts of the world.

Who are these villains? Well, its the Farmers, Agricultural lobby, and big Agri-business.


2 thoughts on “Ethanol, Crucifying America on a Cross of Corn!

  1. Hopefully the farmers can help this country in the future by reducing our dependence on foreign oil. I don’t see how anyone can say that is a “bad” thing.

  2. As a winemaker I can tell you that the process of making alcohol (fermentation) produces as much co2 as alcohol !!!!!

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