Greenpeace and Toxic Waste

Richard North on EU Referendum writes about unintended consequences and the latest toxic waste disposal scandal in Africa (previous scandals have included the dumping of Italian hospital waste in Somalia).

Richard argues that by encouraging restrictive and expensive regulations, Greenpeace has helped create incentives for the disposal of toxic waste in less regulated countries. Waste from the ship Probo Koala killed at least eight Africans, including children, and poisoned thousands of Ivory Coast residents,

“If one had to point to one organisation that had done more than any to demonise waste disposal and legitimise the flood of restrictive legislation on waste, Greenpeace would be a pretty good candidate.

Thus it is inevitable that, when a disaster arises in part as a result of the very legislation of which Greenpeace so much approves, they will be the last people to recognise the consequences of their own actions.

In essence, the Probo Koala disaster was one waiting to happen, one which was regulatory-driven, arising from well-intentioned idiots who have little idea of human psychology and the effects of commercial pressures and who suffer from the delusion that all you have to do to solve problems is make laws.”

“Demonise waste disposal”? Does this refer to the Brent Spar affair that did so much damage to Greenpeace’s reputation?


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