Interesting African Universities

Bayero University in Kano, Nigeria is getting significant funding from the MacArthur Foundation.

Ashesi University was founded in Ghana in 2001 by Patrick Awuah, a graduate of Swarthmore College. Wiliam Easterly writes,

Awuah says that he could do more, but like some other enterprising individuals in Africa I know of, he has been turned away by official aid agencies. Everyone, it seems, was invited to the “Save Africa” campaign of 2005 except for Africans. They starred only as victims: genocide casualties, child soldiers, AIDS patients and famine deaths on our 43-inch plasma screens.

Yes, these tragedies deserve attention, but the obsessive and almost exclusive Western focus on them is less relevant to the vast majority of Africans — the hundreds of millions not fleeing from homicidal minors, not HIV-positive, not starving to death, and not helpless wards waiting for actors and rock stars to rescue them.


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