There are, of course, fascists in the Middle East. But who are they? The Christian Lebanese Phalange is probably the party that is closest to the 1930s’ European fascist parties in outlook.

The Ba’th parties in Syria and Iraq also share many similarities with European fascist parties, but the Ba’th parties are secular. Their ideological founder was the Greek Orthodox Michel Aflaq, who got his political ideas when he studied at the Sorbonne in Paris from 1929 to 1934.

“Islamofascism” is not a concept that adds anything to our understanding of the Middle East. Au contraire.


One thought on ““Islamofascism”

  1. And as fascist it is not a term of self identification for any but extremely small numbers of old school totalitarians in the 1930’s Italian model, but rather a perjoritive term used by Right and Left wing alike to demonize the other, it adds nothing at all to our understanding of those labelled fascists – only those doing the labelling.

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