Climate Change in Greenland

The Vikings arrived in Greenland around year 900, and they and their descendants lived there for about 500 years. The name “Greenland” was chosen by Erik the Red. As the founder of the first permanent Viking settlement on Greenland he wanted to attract settlers. He had noted that the name “Iceland” had not been a good choice for the purpose of attracting settlers, so he wanted something better. Hence the use of “Greenland” in his public relations campaign.

Unlike the Inuit, the Norse were farmers. The cooling during the Little Ice Age made farming impossible. One of last recorded events in the Norse settlements on Greenland was a wedding in 1408, but some people survived till the mid-1400s.

Now Greenland is getting warmer again. Der Spiegel has a really interesting article (in English), Global Warming a Boon for Greenland’s Farmers. “For the first time in hundreds of years, it has become possible to raise cattle and start dairy farms.”


One thought on “Climate Change in Greenland

  1. this is exactly what i thought. I think that Erik the Red named it Greenland to attrat settlers.

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