Photographic Evidence for Rising Sea Levels

Over here there are a series of pictures entitled

World View of Global Warming

Rising Sea Levels

BBC reports,

Global sea levels could rise by about 30cm during this century if current trends continue, a study warns.

Australian researchers found that sea levels rose by 19.5cm between 1870 and 2004, with accelerated rates in the final 50 years of that period…

Over the entire period from 1870 the average rate of rise was 1.44mm per year.

Over the 20th Century it averaged 1.7mm per year; while the figure for the period since 1950 is 1.75mm per year.

Given the much larger fluctuations in the level of the sea due to tides, wind, and other factors, the 19.5 cm rise in sea levels from 1870 to 2004 can’t reliably be identified on any photograph. There is no photographic evidence for globally rising sea levels.

There are, of course, many examples of coastal erosion that have nothing to do with a rise in sea levels, anthropogenically induced or not. The town of Dunwich, capital of the wool trade in England during the Middle Ages, was destroyed by coastal erosion.


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