CCIF: Conservation and Community Investment Forum

The Conservation and Community Investment Forum (CCIF) had a good idea. In a 2003 position paper they wrote,

1. The shortage of funding for protected areas is not caused by a lack of conservation capital. It is principally caused by a lack of capacity in the field to accommodate such capital.

2. This capacity cannot be created by impromptu partnerships between existing conservation organizations. It must be engineered by a professional, neutral, third-party management entity which assures funders the required accountability, control, flexibility and transparency.

CCIF is works with marine national parks Indonesia and the Phillipines. It is clearly important and worthwhile work. As the author of the position paper states (about Indonesia), “For an endowment of $175 million, it would be possible to develop fully functioning national parks…Compared to the cost of environmental protection in the developed world, this is a bargain…”

That is right. But how is CCIF going to finance its projects? “Let’s suppose, for arguments sake, that a major private philanthropist signed on to the challenge of creating environmental protection for Indonesia’s marine ecosystem…”.

As a revenue model, that reminds me of this well-known Sidney Harris cartoon,


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