Enemies of Conservation

Who are the enemies of conservation? In many cases, conservation refugees, people who lost their land rights when protected areas were established.

Read here (pdf file).

 Tatog men


4 thoughts on “Enemies of Conservation

  1. Ah, yes, from Range Magazine. Noticed it there yesterday when posting on the relationship between mainstream environmentalism and those who live on the land. An important critique, if somewhat gleefully exploited by the anit-conservation Range…

  2. Pastoralism out of balance with resource availability will always be incompatible with wildlfie conservation. That is one reason why the Conservancy we helped get off the ground in Namibia chose to look at integrated natural resource management – including grazing, water, and settlement use – whereas the enabling legislation simply addressed wildlife conservation.

    Good stuff you are posting here, Lars!

  3. In general, in Africa, in very low rainfall areas, you are best off generating income from wildlife only (e.g. as a Bushman hunter-gatherer or as a game rancher). In somewhat less dry areas, a mixed wildlife-livestock strategy will be best. The problem for wildlife conservation is in relatively high rainfall areas where income is maximized by getting rid of the wildlife.

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